Segreteria CO.RI.PANF.
Comitato Promotore IGP Ricciarelli di Siena
c/o Camera di Commercio di Siena
Piazza Matteotti 30 - 53100 Siena -
C.F. 92039240525

Studio Losi - Realizzazione Siti Internet

  • La Fabbrica del Panforte
  • Pasticceria Masoni
  • Sclavi
  • Panforti Fiore
  • Marabissi Siena
  • Corsini Biscotti
  • Sinarti

How to Join Us

Co.Ri.Panf. is actively involved in the membership development and promotes the acknowledgement of the PGI (“IGP”) Production Regulations by giving consultancy to its members.

The production companies, both industrial and artisan (confectionary companies, bakeries and pastry shops), working in the Province of Siena are invited to join by filling in an application form (the form can be requested at the offices:

A one-off subscription sum is requested as well as an annual fee for annual management expenses.

Co.Ri.Panf. is also committed to the protection of the name and collaborates with the authorities against fraud.