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Characteristics and Production method

Ricciarelli di Siena IGP

The designation ‘Ricciarelli di Siena’ indicates the confectionery product obtained from preparing a mixture of almonds, sugar and egg whites, which is then baked in an oven.


When placed on the market, “Ricciarelli” are oval and lozenge-shaped, weighing between 10 and 30 g per unit, with the longest diagonal dimensions between 50 and 105 mm and the shortest diagonal between 30 and 65 mm. They have a thickness between 13 and 20 mm. Their surface is white because of a coating of icing sugar and there may be some slight cracking; the edge is lightly golden-coloured. On the inside, their dough is a lightly golden beige colour, of a soft and spongy consistency, not crumbly.


‘Ricciarelli di Siena IGP’ have a relative humidity between a minimum of 8% and a maximum of 11.5%.


The production and packaging area of the “Ricciarelli di Siena” is all over the province of Siena.


The ingredients which are compulsorily used to prepare the "Ricciarelli di Siena" are sweet almonds (from 35% to 50%), caster sugar, hen egg whites (even powdered or pasteurised), icing sugar and rising agents (ammonium salts and/or sodium salts). Optional ingredients are: bitter almonds, as a partial substitute for the sweet almonds; glucose syrup or invert sugar, as a partial substitute for the caster sugar; wild flower honey; flavourings (vanilla pods or vanillin, essential oils of citrus fruits, almond flavouring, used separately or in combination); candied orange peel; rice paper, sorbic acid.
For maximum and minimum quantities of the ingredients to be used for the dough, please see the Sole Document available on the following link:


The sweet and bitter almonds, peeled and finely-ground, are mixed with the sugar and the egg whites. The candied orange peel must be very finely crushed.


The portioning is manual or mechanical, to give to the product the characteristic oval, lozenge shape. The ‘Ricciarelli’ are then sprinkled with icing sugar and then undergo the ensuing heat treatment. The use of rice paper as a base for the product prior to cooking is optional. This rice paper will remain until the placing on the market.


The baking is in preheated ovens at a temperature between 150 and 200°C for 12-20 minutes. At the end of the cooking time, the product is left to cool slowly and then sent for packaging.